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Quick ‘Dental Marketing’ Fixes?
Sorry, but we don’t provide these. Why not? It’s simple really... they don’t work! Remember that patient who asked you for a quick fix? And what did you tell that individual? Exactly.

You've probably bumped into websites that promise unprecedented results when you order a PDF, Book, CD, DVD or an ‘Instant Marketing System’. Something that does it all - in the blink of an eye. Good luck with that. Want to know what really works?

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Making Marketing Tools Is Easy...
Today, making websites, brochures or ads
is not rocket science. But you probably found out that helpful family members, friends and neighbours weren't able to make it WORK. That's another ball game...

Spreading the word about your dentistry practice is effective only when your dental marketing message is able to connect with the emotional wants and needs of your target audience. Need some professional tools in your marketing tool-box?

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Serious about getting results?
You must be serious. You invested at least a half million dollars in your education, practice and equipment. Are you as serious about the most important thing in your business? More clients!

True results require smart dental marketing strategies, significant marketing tools for dentists and well prepared dentistry practice campaigns. What's our definition of 'Jaw dropping results'? More leads, more cases, more revenue.

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The Truth About Dental Marketing...

You have to fix what is usually the biggest problem: You are communicating 'no message or the wrong message'.

You might say: "What? I've got a great product, a great service and I let people know about it every day!" We understand. Because that is exactly the problem! You let people know about What You Do. Not... What You Do - FOR THEM!

Do you see the difference?

We would like to make an even more blunt statement: Nobody cares about what you do!


People only care about what you do... for them! "But guys, I need to let people know about what I sell right?" Of course, but it depends on how. Three examples:

1. When you're in the air conditioning business, don't tell them about YOUR 4150 XZ Air Conditioning Unit, tell them about how this product will change THEIR lives on a hot summer day...

2. When you're into photography, don't tell them that YOU are an excellent photographer, tell them about how good THEY will look when you're shooting...

3. When you're a cosmetic dentist, don't tell them about YOU, your treatments or your state of the art equipment (by the way, everybody's claiming that), tell them how it will make a difference to THEM...

We all know why you didn't develop the right message yet. "Hey, I'm veeeery busy. And really, what's the big deal?"

Well, the big deal is that the lack of a compelling message has a very negative effect on your bottom line. It costs you every single time you try to make an impact.



You could double your income in the next year if you made 'the right message' a priority.


You only got seconds to catch their attention. The wrong message makes you lose - time after time.

Imagine you were cast as... Hamlet. "Hamlet?" Yes... Hamlet.

You were told to go home and memorize your lines and do some preparation for your role. But it was more important to go out with your friends for dinner that night.

You show up for rehearsal the next day and when they call on you, your lack of preparation and performance is obvious. They give you another day to prepare. You memorize a few lines, but don't make a serious effort to get into the part.

How long will you have that role before they fire you? "Not long." Right.

The truth is, your prospects are equally unforgiving. What happens is that people fire you all the time - before you even get a chance to meet them! The message you presented through your marketing channels (email, website, brochure, radio / tv, etc.) was unprepared, unclear and 'All About You'. Just like most of your competitors are doing. You used the same old - same old words that have exactly zero persuasive power. And you didn't make a difference at all! So your prospect writes you off in a nano-second.

With an effective marketing message, (a message that truly connects with your prospect's wants, needs, fears, uncertainties and doubts) you will command attention and... respect. Because they will feel... like you know them. They will actually LISTEN to you.

Just like a great (and very engaging)... "Hamlet!" Exactly.



In dental marketing, your message is more important than you, your product or your service.


"Really?" Really.

But in Dental SALES...
(that's when you welcome a prospect in your office and you can actually talk to them in person) it's the other way around. When getting face to face, you can positively influence a person with your personality, your service, your style, etc.

Do you see the point? 'Marketing Language' is very different from 'Sales Language'. Basically, marketing is talking about THEM. Sales is where YOU come in.

"So, what should my message be about?"
Good question! Your message needs to be truly unique, memorable and effective at the same time. "But that's VERY difficult!" You got it. That's where the true challenge lies...

As a dental marketing & communications firm, we assist cosmetic dentists in developing an integrated dental marketing strategy, the development of your dental marketing message, dental marketing tools (Internet, print, audio, video, and interactive marketing collateral) and the execution of your campaigns.

With our team of multimedia specialists, we analyze, strategize, develop, write, design, shoot, record, edit, program, implement and activate. With only one thing in mind. "Jaw dropping results?" You've got that right!

R U ready to do things differently?

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