What are the Boiler Room Signs expected to have by buildings?

If you own property in the NYC area you are probably very familiar with the building codes and laws. The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, recognized as HPD, is the department that is in charge of sustaining the affordable housing. Because the cost of living is so high in the NYC area, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development helps to keep the housing options affordable for the average family.

HPD Signs in New York City

HPD are required by property and business owners in the NYC area. A few examples of the required HPD Signage are:

  • Boiler Room Signs
  • Video Surveillance Signs
  • Fire Safety Signs
  • Building Management Signs
  • Floor Number Signs
  • Regulatory Signs
  • And Other Required Building Signs

If a property owner does not have the proper HPD Signage displayed the penalty can be warnings and even monetary fines. For those who are unsure whether they have all of the required HPD signage the team at HPD Signs NY is available to help. Our sign design and fabrication team make it a point to know all of the HPD Sign requirements and stay abreast if there are any changes in the HPD requirements. HPD Signs NYC is your one stop for all of your HPD signage needs and at affordable pricing.

Boiler Room Signs

Boiler room signs are a great example of what is expected when complying with HPD sign requirements.

  • A building or property owner must post more than when sign when it comes to the boiler room area in the building. The first sign that must be posted is to be posted in the lobby of the building where it can be clearly seen and read. The second boiler room sign must be on the boiler room entrance door. Both boiler room signs must have the name and contact information of the person who holds the keys to the room. These signs are needed in case there is an emergency and the person with the keys is not located on the property.
  • Although there are diverse types of Boiler Room Signs available that have been approved by HPD, it is best to make sure if in doubt. Aluminum is used in most cases and the print is normally black. Boiler Room Signs can be made in varied sizes and can be discussed this is sign team.

We are leading NYC sign company when it comes to NYC HPD Signs. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have and can be phoned at: 1-718-453-8300.